The following land use and firewood gathering regulations represent the policies established by Leisnoi, Inc. The general public that wishes to access our lands to hunt, fish, recreate, or other purposes must obtain a Land Use and Firewood Gathering Permit and Waiver. Any activity on Leisnoi property requires a permit. Leisnoi appreciates your cooperation and respect for our land. Successful and efficient implementation of our land use permit system and compliance with our terms and conditions will allow for the continued use and enjoyment of these private lands into the future.

Leisnoi Shareholders, Spouses and Descendants – No charge, but a signed waiver is required.

Types of Permits

Permits may be revoked if you fail to comply and future permits may be denied. Please do not litter! When you are done enjoying Leisnoi’s lands, take your garbage with you.

  • Annual Land Access

    Hiking, berry picking, fishing, picnics, and bird watching.

    Alaska residents $20, non-residents $50

  • Annual Camping

    Family names (parents/guardians and children) must be included on the permit, and the fee includes an annual land access permit for the head-of-household. Kids under 16yrs. are not required to purchase an Annual Land Access Permit.

    $100.00 per family

  • Annual Small Game Hunting

    Hares, waterfowl, upland game birds, and an Annual Land Access Permit

    Alaska residents $50, non-residents $75

  • Annual Deer Hunting

    Includes an Annual Land Access Permit and an Annual Camping Permit

    Alaska residents $150, non-residents $200

  • Annual Bear Hunting

    Includes an Annual Land Access Permit and an Annual Camping Permit

    Alaska residents $600, non-residents $800

  • Firewood

    Firewood, per cord (4ft x 4ft x 8ft), valid for 14 days, (from the date of purchase)

    $20.00 per cord

  • Single Night Camping Permit

    One permit per RV, trailer and/or tent

    $10.00 per night

Apply for and pay for a Leisnoi hunting, land-use, camping or firewood permit below.

Apply For a Permit
  1. Permits are for Calendar Year only. Leisnoi Shareholders, spouses, and descendants have no charge, but a signed waiver is required.
  2. This permit is for personal use only and does not allow any commercial activity or allow wood gathered for firewood to be sold.
  3. Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and any other use of Leisnoi land is allowed by permit only.
  4. No commercially guided hunting without a special permit.
  5. This permit is not a hunting or fishing license. You must obtain these through the proper authorities and obey all Alaska Department of Fish and Game laws.
  6. Permission to enter and use the permit area is conditional upon your compliance with all rules and conditions.
  7. Violations of permit rules may result in denial of future permit applications.
  8. Leisnoi retains the right to cancel the permit at any time.
  9. A copy of the permit must be in the windshield on the drivers’ side of the registered vehicle.
  10. fireworks, trapping AND BURNING PALLETS are prohibited on all Leisnoi lands.
  11. Motorized vehicles including ATVs must remain on improved roads and identified easements and trails.
  12. No hunting or shooting within one (1) mile of any camp, cabin or active logging area.
  14. Firewood gathering allowed by permit only.
  15. Permit holders assume responsibility and risks for their own safety and for that of any minors accompanying them.
  16. Active logging areas are closed to all access.
  17. Long Island access is by special permit only. Contact Kodiak Island Borough at 907-486-9310.
  18. No overnight camping allowed outside of designated areas unless hunting.
  19. No gray or black water dumping, all trash must be taken out and the area cleaned up.
  20. Fires are allowed only in designated campground fire pits. DO NOT LEAVE BROKEN BOTTLES.
  21. NEVER leave a fire unattended. Make sure your fire is completely out (cold and not smoking) before leaving it.
  22. When processing deer in the field, it must be conducted in a manner that minimizes bear problems.
  23. Parents and/or guardians must sign for children under 16.
  24. You are allowed to camp after obtaining the appropriate permit for a maximum of 9 nights in one location.
  25. Maps provided by Leisnoi are for general reference use only. Individuals recreating on Leisnoi land need to provide their own map for navigation purposes.
  26. PLEASE be careful of recently planted conifer seedlings in previously harvested timber areas.
  1. Gathering firewood is only allowed in the area marked on the Firewood Gathering Map or as instructed by Leisnoi personnel.
  3. Firewood may not be gathered from active logging areas.
  4. Trees may not be cut down whether they are dead or not. Any standing trees are off limits for firewood.
  5. No gathering of firewood within one hundred feet of any anadromous, fish-bearing lake, stream or river.
  6. Please protect surrounding trees and seedlings from injury when gathering the firewood – These are important for Chiniak’s future forest.
  7. Do not block roads or trails with vehicles or downed wood.
  8. Safety and other suggestions:
    • It is suggested that leather gloves, heavy leather boots, safety chaps, safety glasses, ear protection, and a hard hat be used at a minimum for personal protection.
    • Be careful during saw fueling to avoid spilling gas. Serious explosions and disabling burns have occurred to operators restating saws after refueling spills.
    • Smoke only in a vehicle. No smoking on roads or in wood gathering areas.
    • Cut and split no more wood than can be hauled at one time as wood left on site might be collected by another permit holder.
    • Share the woods. It may be unsafe and disruptive to cut firewood during firearm hunting seasons.
    • Bright, fluorescent color should be worn.
    • Vehicles must remain on roads during firewood gathering.
Please be aware that UAV camera photographs and/or video may be used for enforcement surveillance.

Permit Map

Firewood Gathering Map