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Welcome to Leisnoi

Leisnoi is a village corporation with roots beginning on Woody Island which is located in the Kodiak Island Archipelago.  It was home to an Alutiiq village and the first Baptist Mission Orphanage in Alaska, built in 1893. In the 1800’s Russians employed Woody Island native residents to hunt sea otters in the summer and cut and store ice during the winter.

Who would ever have dreamed that so much of life and love, of hope and joy, of suffering and sorrow, could cling to that tiny dot, no bigger than a pin point, seldom even noticed, among the islands.

Teacher Hanna Elizabeth Breece, Woody Island, October 1909

Our Corporation was established in 1971 by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).  Today we own approximately 50,000 acres of land on Kodiak Island, Woody Island and Long Island.  Leisnoi started out with 297 shareholders but now has over 422.  The Corporation’s purpose is to provide shareholder benefits while managing its land and preserving its heritage.  Today Leisnoi is doing this by selling timber from the Chiniak area.

We hope this website is informational to you.  If you are planning a trip to Kodiak, or already live there, please consider visiting the land permit page and obtaining a permit to experience Leisnoi’s land in person.

Latest News

  • Congratulations to Shannon Johnson and Jeff Chester for being re-elected to the Leisnoi, Inc. Board of Directors at the June 4 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.  Both will serve a three-year term, expiring 2019.
  • EARLY BIRD PROXY WINNERS – Congratulations to our Early Bird proxy winners! These Shareholders submitted their proxies by the May2nd Early Bird deadline and their names were randomly drawn by a third-party:
    • Eldrine Richardson
    • Michele Haberstroh
    • John Peterson
    • Peter Pavloff
  • Leisnoi congratulates the following Shareholders who each won $1,000 for submitting their 2016 proxy either by mail, online or in-person at our Annual Meeting on June 4th:
    • Diane Maluia
    • Kane Wolf
    • Walter Shuravloff
    • Richard Erickson

Interested in Land Usage?

Contact us at 907-512-2055 or 907-512-6905

No Charge for Leisnoi Shareholders, Spouses, descendants, and disabled veterans with 50% or more disability.

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