The Board of Directors will consider declaring a 2019 Shareholder dividend after the 2018 financials have been audited and reviewed at the April Board Meeting. If a dividend is then to be declared, it will also be done during the April Board meeting.  This will make the dividend payable to Shareholders in April.

Deciding on a dividend after the financial statements have been audited allows the Board to take into consideration the importance of balancing the growth of the company with making contributions to the Leisnoi Shareholder Settlement Trust, along with paying Shareholder dividends.  This schedule also provides a path that permits the Board to better fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities as Directors to you, the Shareholders.

Stay tuned for more information!



If you would like to receive any future dividends through direct deposit please fill out the following form, which is also available on the Shareholders Forms Page

After all the information is filled out you can either fax or mail it in. If you have any other questions regarding the shareholder dividends please contact our Anchorage office at 907-222-6900 and we would be happy to help.

Download a change of address form from the Shareholders Forms Page