Our Land

Leisnoi’s Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) holdings are primarily located along the road system of Kodiak Island. Leisnoi’s land totals approximately 50,000acres in parcels of varying size. These parcels are located at Woody Island, Termination Point, Long Island, Cliff Point, Middle Bay, Kalsin Bay, and Cape Chiniak. These lands are incredibly beautiful and in many aspects hold significant historic value. Managing these holdings for current use as well as for future benefit is a challenging task.

Leisnoi is currently developing a Comprehensive Land Use Policy and Management Plan that will identify the best uses for these parcels and their associated values. One of the goals of the “Plan” is to consider and evaluate the potential development of Leisnoi’s lands to take advantage of revenue generating opportunities while balancing the cultural values, shareholder expectations, future shareholder benefits, and effective environmental safeguards. When our Comprehensive Land Use Policy and Management is complete, it will provide us with a logical, thoughtful, and responsible guide to any and all possible future uses of all our ANCSA lands.

Woody Island

This is where it all began for Leisnoi. Our land holdings on Woody Island covers 446acres on the eastern side of the island. Unfortunately, our land holdings on Woody Island do not include our original Native Village site on the western part of the island. This is because our original Native Village site was within a two-mile radius of the town site of Kodiak. Leisnoi was not permitted to make any land selections within this two-mile radius.


Termination Point

This 1,028-acre parcel is located on the northwest corner of Monashka Bay. It is accessible by the Kodiak road system and is heavily wooded. This area is filled with 100year old Sitka Spruce Trees which are covered in green moss. This area has exceptional scenic and recreational value. It is commonly enjoyed by local groups for hiking, bird and whale watching, and camping.


Long Island

Leisnoi owns this 1,243-acre island in its entirety. Long Island is considered by many to be Leisnoi’s “crown jewel” of our land holdings. Long Island is rich in WWII history (Fort Tidball), is heavily wooded, has a natural harbor, beautiful scenic views and trails, and is extremely abundant with wildlife and marine wildlife. This area has great recreational development potential. Access to Long Island is by permit only. Please contact our office for information at 907-222-6900.

Bells Flats (Women’s Bay)

This 400-acre parcel is located in Women’s Bay in the vicinity of the outlying community of Bells Flats. This parcel’s primary use is for residential or commercial development.


Middle Bay

This 8,500-acre parcel encompasses everything from beachfront property to the steep slopes of the surrounding mountains. Primary vegetation is natural grasses, cottonwood, alder, and Sitka spruce trees. This area has prime recreational and residential development possibilities. Leisnoi is currently working with the Natural Resources and Conservations Services to make improvements to the forest and wildlife habitat in the area.

Kalsin Bay

A 15,000-acre parcel that encompasses most of the valley and hill sides. Another beautiful site that is enjoyed by many outdoor enthusiast. The fishing and bear viewing in the Olds river, which flows through the middle of the valley, is world famous.


Cape Chiniak

This 18,325-acre parcel is heavily wooded and is the source of Leisnoi’s current timber harvesting operations. Planning for this area takes into account the number of existing uses we will have after logging operations have ceased (currently anticipated to end in 2015). Prudent decisions about future use must build creatively on the present and projected infrastructure. An ongoing timber management program is planned to assure future generations that a healthy second-growth resource is available to them.
All active logging areas are currently closed to public access for any reason. There are areas in Chiniak where you can obtain firewood after you have received a permit, please contact our office at 907-222-6900. In addition, with the proper permits, there are areas in Chiniak for recreational use including rabbit and deer hunting. Please contact our office for the proper permits.

Cape Chiniak holds much potential and many opportunities. There are many outstanding scenic views and recreational sights available. Currently, there are no specific developments proposed for this area. It is important that our Comprehensive Land Use Policy and Management Plan address these development issues which will provide opportunities to attract development that will best protect and benefit the area, community, and the environment.