On May 22, 2021 Leisnoi, Inc. held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Kodiak at the Best Western, Harbor Room. There were two items of business for Shareholder vote: to amend the Bylaws of Leisnoi, Inc., to increase the Board of Directors from five (5) to seven (7) members, and the election of one director to the Board of Directors to serve a three (3) year term. The Board of Directors gives their appreciation to Shareholders who participated in the Virtual Info Meeting, and the Annual Meeting in person or by proxy!

Proposition & Election Results

There were 25,136.06 shares of voting Common Stock of the Corporation entitled to vote on March 23, 2021, the date of record. There were 17,055.91 shares of Common Stock present by proxy and in person at the meeting, representing 67.5% quorum. The results were:


Yes Votes = 12,516.62

No Votes = 4,539.29

The Yes votes received 49% of the total outstanding voting stock of Leisnoi, Inc. The proposition on increasing the board size from five (5) to seven (7) members failed.


Kimberly Homolka – 15,617.10 votes