On June 6, 2020, Leisnoi, Inc. held its 2020 Annual Meeting telephonically. There was only one item of business for Shareholder vote: the election of two directors to the Board of Directors.

Election Results

There were 25,597.93 shares of voting Common Stock of the Corporation entitled to vote on April 8, 2020, the date of record. There were 14,673.84 shares of Common Stock present by proxy at the meeting, representing 57.3% quorum. The following were duly nominated. See election results: below

Candidates Number of Votes
Debra Lukin 14,643.70
Gordon Pullar, Jr. 11,477.22
Carole Pagano 240.00
Charlotte Stich 400.00
Chrislyn Hoen 720.00
John Peterson 200.00
Mike Chya 923.06


Grand Prize Winners!!!

Roxanne Bagwell, Beaverton, OR
Kyra Jane Murphy, Juliaetta, ID
Cecelia N. Biglov, San Francisco, CA
Stella Beatriz Unger, Chapel Hill, NC
Larry Thomas Redick, Lewisville, TX
Gregory Alan Strom, Spokane, WA
James Everett Pell, Walnut Creek, CA


Alaina Zenida Lukin, Anchorage, AK
Early Bird Winners!!!
Andea Lynn Fahland, Edmonds, WA
Brittany Marie Horne, Anchorage, AK
Philip Eugene Ferris, Jr., Kodiak, AK
John Arthur Peterson, Kodiak, AK
Nikki Marie Adams, Anchorage, AK
Nichole L. Duckworth, Elkton, MD
Pat Pete Olson, Camano Island, WA
Mary Ann Morris, Kodiak, AK
James G. Harmon, Amanda Park, WA


Raymond Michael May, Kodiak, AK